JavaScript Financial Charting Library with Full Source Code and Support

Created for trading platforms and financial websites, FinChart is fast, reliable, and flexible, allowing you to deploy technical analysis charts on the Web with minimal effort. FinChart has a modular architecture and packs lots of features into a small-footprint library that was designed to work on both desktop and mobile devices.

Contact us at if you are looking for a financial charting library based on Web standards. We can customize FinChart to meet your requirements, integrating it with your website, and we'll provide the full source code.

You can use FinChart to develop

  • Responsive desktop/mobile websites based on standards
  • Web trading platforms using Angular, React, or Vue.js
  • Android and iOS mobile trading apps, using WebView
  • Mobile apps based on React Native, Flutter, or Ionic
  • Windows and MacOS trading platforms, using WebView
  • Cross-platform desktop applications based on Electron

Multiple-Charts Demo with Accelerated Tick Updates

Build Custom Charting Solutions with FinChart

The ability to adapt to different requirements is one of the main strengths of our charting library. We've built our product to be extensible and modular so that we can easily add features that are requested by our customers.

If you want to present the results of your trading strategies, you'll be able to show positions and orders as chart annotations. If you have your own technical indicators, it is very simple to integrate them with the chart whether your indicators are calculated on the client side or on the server side. FinChart is the right tool for these jobs and for other similar tasks that require a financial chart.

Financial data visualizations can be added to the chart as overlays for analysis, comparison, or trading purposes. Let us know what is important to you and we'll do our best to provide the financial charting solution that you are looking for.

Develop Your Website Faster with FinChart

Our JavaScript charting library will save you from spending a lot of time on development and testing. We can help you install the financial chart on your website or mobile Web app quickly and we'll make any chart-related changes that you need for your traders.

We are chart developers providing technical analysis solutions for trading platforms, financial websites and mobile apps. We've been building trading software for many years, using Web, desktop, and mobile technologies.

FinChart offers several chart styles (bars, candlesticks, Heikin Ashi, line, mountain), progressive data loading, crosshair cursor, panning, zooming, resizing, overlays, annotations, volume, 80 technical indicators, and 20 drawing tools (lines, channels, Fibonacci, Gann, and geometric shapes).

Desktop and Mobile Friendly JavaScript Chart

FinChart is based on Web standards and has a responsive UI. Both the chart and its UI work well in any modern Web browser on desktop and mobile devices. Our financial charting library comes with the full JavaScript source code and it is fast on computers, tablets and phones.

When viewing the chart in a desktop browser, drag the price, volume or indicator areas to pan horizontally. Use the mouse wheel over these chart areas to zoom in or zoom out. Drag the left or right axes up/down to scroll vertically. Use the mouse wheel over the left/right axes to zoom vertically. In desktop browsers, you can also click the buttons at the bottom of the chart to pan or zoom.

On mobile devices, use swipe and pinch gestures for panning and zooming. Depending on the screen's size, you might see a menu at the top or a button in the upper-right corner that can be tapped to open a vertical menu.

Find Out More About FinChart

Contact us at if you need more information about the charting library. Our lead developer will answer your questions and he would be happy to help you. Let us provide a highly customizable financial chart for your website or trading platform.